Are you a part of a Group?

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What are Group Discounts?

If you’re a part of an airsoft group with 10+ members then we’d like to help you out! Here at, we like to help out other airsoft groups by ofering you discounts on the entire range of products offered on our website. Read on to find out more!

What groups are eligible?

If your group has 10 or more members then you can apply for a group discount. Any members that join your group will be able to automatically see the lower prices throughout the shop without the need for a voucher code. You can always add and takeaway members from your group account as long as the group maintains a minimum of 10 members, if it falls below that number then it will temporarly loose discount eligibility.

How much discount will we get?

Initially, the discount rate is 5% off everything in store*.

Can we get a higher discount rate?

Yes! If your group spends more than £500** per month combined between the members, your discount rate will double to 10% everything in store*

How to apply?

In order to apply for a group discount, you must be able to prove that your group is an organised airsoft team that plays airsoft regurarly. This can be done through sending us a link to your group’s social media account or webpage.

* Sale items are not elligible for a discount. Certain other items may not be included at the discretion of store management.

** £500 per month, not inclusive of Postage & Packaging costs. The amount must be spent within a period of a calendar month. The higher discount rate will apply as long as the previous calendar month’s spend is above the threshold. All discount increases are at the discresion of store management.

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